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This search tool will give you a good idea of the current offerings in the San Antonio real estate market. You can search for homes in San Antonio or other specific towns, or you can enter “South Texas” to see listings in San Antonio, as well as all of the surrounding communities.

In the example below, we searched for 2-bedroom houses under $200,000 – anywhere in the South Texas area. We got hundreds of homes that meet that description!

To narrow it down, click on MORE – where you can specify that you want a pool or an attached garage, or a lot of other specifications.

BE CAREFUL! If you get too specific, you may not find any properties that exactly match your wish list. When this happens, remove the item(s) you consider least important and try again.

If you need help, call or text me:  210.420.8420

Please reach out any time – share with me your dreams and desires in buying a house, and I will fine-tune the search and show you some homes that closely meet your needs. That is what I call

Real Estate Made Personal.