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Helping you achieve your dream is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Whether you are buying or selling a home, you need a real estate agent who not only understands the San Antonio real estate market but also has solid marketing and business experience. My motto is, “Real Estate Made Personal”, and it is the guiding star for your real estate experience.

As a native son and life-long San Antonian, I am knowledgeable about the city and active in the community. You have my commitment to listen attentively to your needs and work with you to achieve your goals – in your timeframe and in a way that is comfortable for you.

It would be an honor to put my real estate license and 10+ years of entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales to work for you.

Real Estate
Made Personal

Real estate is not assembly-line work. For me, the key is creating a relationship founded on respect and integrity. It takes time to build meaningful relationships and I am committed to dedicating quality time to each endeavor. 

When real estate is personal, you are treated like the only client on earth. Reach out to me for the VIP treatment you deserve.

What My
Clients Say

Mission Statement
& Philosophy

Real estate is more than a transaction; it is a term that describes one of the biggest investments a person makes – and it can be very emotional. My approach to each and every client and each and every sale or purchase is very personal.

My mission is to make real estate personal for you by accomplishing the following goals:

  • Take the time to understand your needs and your wants and the difference between the two;
  • Be sure to take the time to understand your priorities and deadlines
  • Take the time to understand your rhythm and style

Armed with this knowledge, I will create a customized plan for:

  • Selling your house in the right time frame and for the right price
  • Buying your dream home that fits your budget and your lifestyle
  • Investing in property that meets your budget and business goals

Community &
Business Experience

San Antonio Real Estate Agent – Vortex Realty; representing Texas homebuyers, sellers, and investors

Founder and Entrepreneur – Red Door Investments; helping rebuild communities one house at a time

Businessman & Co-Founder – Direct Call Solutions; marketing specialist in long term lead acquisition

Volunteer – Habitat for Humanity, International

Volunteer – Mentoring young people and entrepreneurs

Dad – The best job ever!




Real Estate Made Personal.

Your Real Estate Agent:
Educator & Mentor

It is not enough that your realtor® knows what they’re doing in Texas real estate; it is important that you understand the process as well.

One of my top priorities is to share my expertise as we go through the mechanics of buying or selling in the San Antonio real estate market. Let me take some of the mystery out of buying and selling property by supplying you with practical information and current, relevant statistics and trends.

The Real Estate Made Personal pledge: I will be your mentor, as well as your trusted professional – at your side from start to finish, and beyond. This means that you’ve got an ally who has your back, to protect you from being blindsided or feeling pressured to enter agreements until you are ready.

There are plenty of resources in my blog that explain real estate terminology and the cause-and-effect relationships between the large number of moving parts that are involved in any real estate transaction. Please feel free to browse through them and ask questions.

Just for Sellers

When you embark on the journey of buying a home – whether you are a first-time buyer or a house-hunting veteran – the process can be overwhelming. That’s why you should choose a realtor® who will walk you through each step to make it manageable. Here are some of the ways I will make real estate personal for you:

  1. Determine the price range you can afford by learning about the influences that shape your monthly house payment. A great realtor® can explain the variables so it all makes sense.
  2. Determine your target geographic locations; do you want to be close to work? Close to downtown? Do you want to choose the neighborhood based on its public elementary school? Or maybe you want to prioritize or avoid certain areas because of the “feel” – big trees, freeway access, personality of the homes, or proximity to biking routes…
  3. Make a 3-part wish list of features you “Must-Have”, feel strongly are “To-Die-For”, and things that would be “Nice-to-Have’”; if you have a large family, more than one bathroom is a “must-have”. A large laundry room might be a “to-die-for” but not a deal-breaker, while big trees in the back yard might be “nice to have” and help make the decision between two or three properties.
  4. Make your house-hunting time pay off by carrying a clipboard and the listing sheets your realtor® gives you before you start out; you should make careful notes without feeling rushed, about how each house stacks up against your lists.
  5. Understand the paperwork; when real estate is made personal, your realtor® will explain each document in detail and help to make sure you understand what you are signing.

Just for Buyers

If you must sell your home or have been putting it off because the thought of getting your house ready to sell is overwhelming, you need a realtor® who will walk you through each step to make it manageable. The classic “three P’s of real estate” are as relevant today as they were decades ago: Price, Product, Presentation. Here are some of the ways I will make real estate personal for you in addressing the “three P’s”:

The Listing Price

  1. Establish the right listing price for your home from the beginning; you want to get as much as you can from the sale, but not waste time offering the house at a price that is higher than buyers will pay.
  2. Overpricing a home is amateurish and usually comes from allowing emotion to drive the initial listing price too high.
  3. Save time, money, and emotional stress by getting it right the first time. If the price is too high, it usually means the house is on the market for weeks until you drop the price (maybe more than once) and finally find the price buyers are willing to pay.
  4. A scientific approach to pricing ensures that you are priced just right
  5. Pricing a home should rely on data; a snapshot of the current market, an analysis of trends over time, and other factors that influence buyers must all be considered
  6. A customized analysis of the data is crucial; even two houses in a subdivision that have identical floor plans are not identical! One may back onto a busy street but have a custom, gourmet kitchen and the other may be tucked in a quiet cul-de-sac but built with only the standard features.
  7. Don’t compare apples to tuna fish! There is a way to level out the factors, and a good realtor® can show you close, apple-to-apple comparisons to inform your pricing decision.
  8. Priceless: The value of a realtor® who understands the business of marketing!

The Product – Your Home

  1. Make needed repairs before listing your house; you don’t need to put thousands of dollars into landscaping and remodeling the bathrooms, but you do need to fix anything that doesn’t work properly.
  2. Previous home inspections are a matter of record; if a home inspector has found a major problem with your house – for example, the plumbing needs to be updated because there are slow leaks from some of the pipes – you must disclose the problem to the buyer. Your realtor® can help you determine whether you will make the repairs before the house goes on the market, or if you will offer an “allowance” to the buyer equal to the cost of making the repairs.

The Presentation

  1. Help buyers see that your price is fair. Your home might be worth roughly the same as another down the street, but minor, cosmetic issues push the buyer into an emotional response – “Gee, the other one is so much nicer!”
  2. Make it shine! Replace damaged cabinet hardware, steam-clean the carpets, and clean and polish tile and grout.
  3. Paint, baby, paint! Freshen up dingy baseboards and bathroom walls with a quick coat of paint that contains a primer.
  4. The drive-up appeal can make or break the deal – and a great realtor® will help you with inexpensive ideas to make your home inviting and desirable before the buyers get out of the car.

Just for Investors

Investing in real estate can be scary. From the moment you decide you want to find out more about investing in real estate to the moment you see your first return on the investment, you should have a realtor® who will hold your hand throughout the process. Even an investor needs real estate made personal, and here are some of the ways I will provide that peace of mind:

  1. Spell out your dreams, goals, and time frame for investing. Even if you aren’t sure investing is doable for you, you owe it to yourself to find out more about it.
  2. Identify your price range and expectations for return on investment; you may be surprised by the potential return from investing a modest amount of money in a property.
  3. Get educated – learn about the process and the pros and cons of investing individually.
  4. Speak with a realtor® who is a seasoned businessman and has personal experience as a real estate investor. Whether you have big dreams or want to start out small, I’m here to help.


Whether you have questions or just need reassurance, you must be able to reach your San Antonio real estate agent on a timely basis – certainly within a few hours. Select a real estate agent who is on call for you and responsive to your needs. This is the essence of Real Estate Made Personal.


Put it to the test! Reach out with a question or comment and see how quickly you get a reply.

    Andrew Barlowe Realtor Vortex Realty

    2241 NW Military Hwy STE 302
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